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These Dream Boxes are unique, hand- painted and custom designed in a variety of shapes and sizes. 'Worry Boxes' and 'Prayer Boxes' are perfect for those who need an outlet for stress or a means to turn their troubles over to their Higher Power. Write your burden or prayer on the included slip of paper and place it inside, offering it up to the Powers that Be and letting go of the hold it has on you.

Others simply utilize them as trinket and jewelry boxes or a place to keep their recovery medallions safe. All Wooden Boxes are padded inside to prevent scrapes or breakage of delicate items. The AA and NA themes make great gifts for sober anniversaries! Whatever you store in them is up to you!

Dream Boxes

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Pressed Paper Box
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    Regarding Imagery & Photography

    As I am not a photographer, some of the pictures of our products are, we'll say, less than stellar and may not do the item justice! I plan to correct this over time, but for now, I promise, you'll be pleasantly surprised with your purchase when you see it in "real life". If I'm wrong, we do accept returns!

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