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Contrary to the name, these 'Pocket Stones' are actually made of light- weight clay, inscribed with the Totem of your choice. They are oven- baked and won't lose their shape or imagery. Carry one with you as a source of inspiration; pick it up and run your finger over it in times of stress, to ease anxiety and help you get grounded in the moment.

Each one comes in it's own drawstring pouch and includes a card detailing the meaning behind the symbol you've chosen. Select the Dragonfly; for times of transformation and self- realization, the Tree of Life; connecting the earthly with the celestial, or the famed "Deathly Hallows" for Harry Potter fans! You also may prefer one of the 12 Zodiac symblos, each harboring their own specific energies.

Pocket Stones

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The Full Zodiac
Receive the Zodiac of each month at a discounted price!
$3.00every month for 12 months
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    Regarding Imagery & Photography

    As I am not a photographer, some of the pictures of our products are, we'll say, less than stellar and may not do the item justice! I plan to correct this over time, but for now, I promise, you'll be pleasantly surprised with your purchase when you see it in "real life". If I'm wrong, we do accept returns!

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