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These Faeries represent the tiny, magical, woodland creatures who create their homes deep in the forest. At the miniscule size they inhabit little hovels they build from vines, twigs, moss and scraps of anything they gather from the forest. The inside of their dens are padded with animal fur to provide warmth and comfort. Faeries live together in harmony with all creatures of the wilderness, in families of 2 to 3 to a hive.

One species is made from craft- wire and resemble beautiful flying insects; delicate, shiny and winged. They come as a set of three. The other is human- like, aside from their teeny size and appendages for flight. Those are sold as a pair, molded from clay and painted by hand, with wire wings attached. 

'Petrified' Faeries created from wire and stored in a corked, glass vial are also available in our jewelry collection.



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  • Faeries are designed to accompany Faerie Homes and Burrows. Clay Faeries come in sets of two, Wire in sets of three. Every attempt is made to have each item mirror the image on the screen, but since each one is hand- made, slight variations are to be expected.

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Regarding Imagery & Photography

As I am not a photographer, some of the pictures of our products are, we'll say, less than stellar and may not do the item justice! I plan to correct this over time, but for now, I promise, you'll be pleasantly surprised with your purchase when you see it in "real life". If I'm wrong, we do accept returns!

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