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The 'Ghost Pipe' has provided natural medicinal relief going back centuries. The solution derived from the classic tincturing process has long been used as a homeopathic treatment of physical and emotional ailments. A few drops under the tongue, from this 2 ounce jar, and you'll find refuge from what ails you. Be it muscle pain, nerve damage, arthritis or any multitude of disturbances caused by the symptoms of depression, anxiety or PTSD, you'll be just 20 minutes away from sanctuary.

Ghost Pipe Tincture

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  • Tincture is a derivative of 90 proof alcohol and not intended for consumption by adolescents or beyond the recommended dosage.

  • While GP Tincture is well known for its pain relief properties and ability to subside mental health symptoms, it is not meant to replace prescribed medications or therapies.

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Regarding Imagery & Photography

As I am not a photographer, some of the pictures of our products are, we'll say, less than stellar and may not do the item justice! I plan to correct this over time, but for now, I promise, you'll be pleasantly surprised with your purchase when you see it in "real life". If I'm wrong, we do accept returns!

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