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The Majick of the Witch's Broomstick

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

bristled, sweeping tools is; before I'd ever heard the lore attached to them and their powers, I'd already had one hanging over my bedroom doorway... Come to find out that the broom has many folkloric uses which apparently still persist today, one regarding keeping one above the doorway! It's got nothing to do with flying or magically cleaning the floor by dancing around on it's own!

e of the most common practices, hundred's of years old, is to hang a broomstick over one's entryway. We do this for protection; a broom over the door keeps out bad intent and evil. It encloses good energies inside, too.

It’s believed that the broom will ' sweep away the negative energies of those who enter your home'. It also will protect the home and its occupants from bad intentions and negative intentions. Brooms are hung over the top of the outside of the front door. They are hung with the bristles facing the direction that the door opens.

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