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The Legend of the Dream Catcher

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Dream Catchers are one of the oldest and longest- running traditions still thriving in the 21st Century. They originated as a Native custom, made from products found in nature, and hung above the bed as a form of protection from evil entities. One legend tells of the Spider Woman, who the Ojibwa people worship as a protector of children. As the tribe grew and expanded across the lands, the Spider Woman was unable to watch over all the children, so she spun webs for them that would protect them in her absence.

The belief is that evil manifests itself as bad dreams, so the elders would hang a Dream Catcher over their little ones' cribs and beds, where the the warm rays of the morning sun would burn away any of the bad dreams that were stuck in the web. Like an insect tangled up in a sticky spider web, evil entities and bad dreams would be trapped by the dream catcher, allowing happy vibes and good dreams to filter through, travel along the wispy feathers and topple into the minds of the innocent sleeping below. The rising dawn's sun would evaporate the bad dreams that had stuck in the web and banish them from the earth.

Over time, Dream Catchers made their way into mainstream America. People from all origins and creeds hung them in their homes and above their beds, hoping that the lore surrounding their majickal ability to act as a sieve for dark thoughts would prove to be true. Either way, the mystique and beauty of the Dream Catcher has made its way into many different designs, colors and forms. Find the one that speaks to you.

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