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Finding Your Footing

Have you ever heard someone say that they need to 'ground' or 'center' themselves? Did you cock an eyebrow or raise the corner of your mouth wondering if you heard them right? For our purposes, that means they're feeling disconnected, unsettled, off the beam and looking to get their head out of the clouds and back down to Earth.

It's no coincidence that one popular method for achieving this is to plant our feet firmly beneath us and become aware of our connection to the world around us. Feel the hard surface below us, the cool air or warm sun touching our skin; note the smell of flowers, trees, mowed grass or burning leaves; listen for the songs of birds or a river's current, the hum of insects; appreciate the myriad of colors and shapes everywhere we look; stick our tongue out, catching raindrops or experiencing the salty sweat on our lips.

We use the physical sensations to 'ground' ourselves emotionally, mentally... And spiritually. The world around us is a part of us and US a part of IT. Every living thing, piece of rock, endless oceans- we are all parts of a whole.

Another tool that's popular for enhancing our focus and keeping us centered is the use of essential oils, like those offered on

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