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Creatures are Stirring!

The end of March marks the ending to another cold and brutal Winter season for Northern Americans. Following the Spring Equinox, nature comes back to life with blooming flowers, green trees and lush vegetation. Mammals and other dormant species emerge from hibernation to bask in the warmth of the sun. Daylight savings have ensured that sunset now occurs much later than when they first settled in for their long nap. In this part of the world, we had always experienced quarterly seasons, recognizable by the distinct conditions that accompanied them. We were granted four periods, each three months long; Cold and snowy Winters, rainy Springs, warm Summers and blustery Falls.

Since the onset of global warming, it's like there are only two predominant weather states. Winter seems to last forever, followed by a couple weeks of rain as the snow melts with the Spring thaw. What had once been twelve weeks of rebirth and regrowth has been streamlined like everything else in America. Summer comes on quickly and fiercely, with temperatures reaching over 90 degrees regularly. This gives way, almost as if overnight, then we begin to layer our clothing against the chill creeping into the air. Rather abruptly, autumn comes and goes, and we are thrust once again into freezing cold mornings of ice- covered windshields and slippery streets.

Right now, though, we are in the transition of imposing, dark days into bright sunny ones. As the flowers bloom and baby birds break out of their thin, protective shells, creatures that exist behind the invisible veil also come alive. Faeries and other mystical beings arise from their snowy slumber, wide- eyed and ready to assist nature in it's rebirth. They quickly and quietly regain consciousness and get busy spreading their magic, invigorating all of nature's flora and fauna and casting blessings across the wildlife to encourage conception.

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