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One-of-a-Kind Items

Hand- made Products that Speak to the Soul

About Us: Welcome
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What We Are

Spiritual Bandaids is virtually a one- woman- show. There's no CEO or corporation, no stockholders, no warehouse. It's just me, an addict in recovery, on my laptop and in my kitchen creating all kinds of hand- crafted items and making them available for purchase through this web- site. I'm an artist, a crafter and a writer; I self- published on Amazon and my books sell weekly. They are also available on this site.

Over the past 40 or so years I have been creating items to give as gifts or to decorate my home. Many of them center around nature and my appreciation for it and its powers. Somewhere along the way, my interests expanded into a broad scope of spirituality and recovery. Over the years, my creations have become more refined. They've developed into novelty products and gift-wares worthy of sale and purchase.

A great number of the items offered through this web-site are linked to something I refer to as Universal Energy. They are a product of my ties to Pagan beliefs and mankind's connection with the Earth and the healing power of nature. They also reflect my involvement in twelve- step programs and recovery from addiction and mental health issues. It is my firm belief that if one focuses on healing their soul, then they can overcome any opposition that has taken root inside them. It's this belief that drove me to embark on this journey and develop Spiritual Band- aids.

Every item is made with focused intention and the specific attention to detail it deserves. Included among this selection of handmade crafts are Dream Catchers, Wired Trees, Figurines, Jewelry and Essential Oil Blends, to name a few. I love taking on new and challenging projects and hope to hear from you if there's something specific that I can create for you.

About Us: About Us
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